Unlike traditional provisioning tools, Digital Rebar provides a complete life-cycle solution. It is API-driven and built to an Infrastructure as Code design.

We build for operators who want to program infrastructure, not just configure it.

We weren’t satisfied with developing features to solve bare metal provisioning issues. RackN designed Digital Rebar as a collaboration platform for operations within and between companies. We work closely with our customers and community to create long term, repeatable solutions to infrastructure challenges.

Once we solve a bare metal provisioning problem, we build the technology solution directly into the product. Our collaborative mission means if another customer has faced the same challenge you are facing, there will already be a Digital Rebar library for you to use. If there isn’t, we will work with you to build it.

Our customer’s infrastructure literally makes them money: downtime, configuration drift and inconsistent operations are expensive.  RackN Digital Rebar enabled a small team to fully automat operations and focus on value-added performance tuning.

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Capital Management Partnership

Bare Metal Provisioning Features

Streamlined Multi-O/S Provisioning

  • Network Boot via PXE, IPXE
  • Multi-Operating System – Linux,
  • Windows, VMware
  • Multi-Architecture – Intel, AMD, ARM64
  • Image Based Deployment – Linux, Windows, VMware
  • Immutable Operating Systems
  • Boot via Media Attach
  • Secure Boot Enabled

Full Bare Metal Life-Cycle with or without Out-of-Band Management

  • BMC protocols including IPMI, Redfish, Vendor API, and none
  • RAID configuration
  • BIOS & Firmware configuration
  • Automatic Discovery, Inventory and Classification
  • VMware ESXi and VCF installation

Comprehensive Enterprise Features

  • Role Based Access Control – create and manage users by role with specialized access
  • Single Sign On – integrates with Active Directory
  • Multi-Tenant – easily partitions infrastructure for self-service
  • Highly Available – trusted foundations for your infrastructure
  • Multi-Site views and synchronization – wrangle distributed sites
  • Enterprise and 24×7 Support Options
  • Scale to 10,000s per site

Cloud-Like Data Center Integration for zero-touch self-service

  • Resource Pooling APIs
  • Integrated Ansible and Terraform Providers
  • Networking Switch Integration
  • Storage Appliance Integration

Specialized Environments handle the most demanding cases

  • Zero Footprint – run from switch
  • Air-Gap Ready Design – cannot connect to external networks
  • Small Footprint – Raspberry Pi and other

Flexible Networking fits inside of any existing data center

  • Integrated DHCP
  • Works with Existing DHCP
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Integrated DNS (coming soon)