Infrastructure Automation Journey

Our experience shows that customers have a consistent process for making changes to their infrastructure. While we’ve created a general outline and provided common criteria for making decisions along that Journey, we recognize that each customer is unique and will adapt and adjust this outline into a concrete plan of action.


Operators discover RackN Digital Rebar while trying to solve bare metal automation, compliance and delivery challenges.  During this discovery phase, RackN will meet with the enterprise leadership for a demo and validate fit, and we encourage a self-trial so users can experience the product first hand because using the product is key to the next two prospect phases: PoC and Pilot.

POC and Pilot

In PoC and Pilot phases, operators are validating at Digital Rebar works within their unique operational environment.  Typically, the PoC phase focuses on the most demanding actions to ensure RackN can meet critical performance criteria.  The Pilot phase builds on that work to integrate end-to-end pipelines that will be needed for production workloads.  Pilots may include paid consulting and training since they often target production environments or time-sensitive milestones.


Once purchased, customers need to balance between implementing Digital Rebar as an operational foundation and accomplishing long term priorities.  Foundation building includes setting up production with Digital Rebar including SSO, backups, HA, multi-site and content management processes.  This enables migration of existing infrastructure into IaC life-cycle management.  RackN assists customers with training and consulting during this phase to ensure customers can operate autonomously.

Grow and Innovate

Simultaneously with the foundation building, customer architects often use Digital Rebar dev environments to grow through advanced integrations and exploring new capabilities.  By leveraging the high fidelity of IaC between environments, customers can work on high ROI integrations, new vendors or advanced processes outside of production.  In our experience, customers who use this type of dual track strategy, easily transition into growing the impact of their Digital Rebar investment within 12 months of their first production installation.  Once this pattern is established, customers begin to innovate their processes to take advantage of our available, reliable and fast infrastructure platform.

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