Our Core Values

Durable outcomes result from discovery through action, what we call being urgently long-term.  Effective action requires a system mind-set that balances “get-it-done” motivation with a consistent process of learning and improving.  At RackN, this action-vs-design balance is at the heart of everything we do.  Further, we believe that having ownership in your work and surroundings  is foundational to success because it provides control and empowers choice.  But no one succeeds alone.  We must seek to understand each others’ challenges so that we can collaborate towards winning together.  RackN strives for mutual success by aligning strengths, supporting others and sharing knowledge.

Urgently Long-term

Urgently Long-term means taking a systems approach to solving problems while avoiding analysis paralysis.  It also recognizes the inherent tension between action and planning.


Taking Ownership means being responsible for what you control and motivated to improve it.


Collaborating means working with others to support outcomes in which all parties benefit.

Seeking to Understand

Seeking to Understand means recognizing our primary assets, knowledge and understanding, are limited and can only be expanded by listening to others.

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