We set the standard for physical layer VMware provisioning.

RackN VMware bootstrapping completely configures new and existing systems into a fully functioning vCenter cluster in minutes.  Our workflow automation includes deep inventory, system HCL validation and firmware updates for multiple hardware vendors.

We eliminate ALL manual steps to fully automate VMware infrastructure from bare metal.

With our VMware automation, customers eliminate weeks of setup effort for new clusters.  Critically, customers can update and reprovision existing clusters in just minutes so that operators quickly and easily keep up with patches and updates.

Animation showing Digital Rebar process for installing ESXi
Animation of Digital Rebar VMware ESXi Bootstrap Process

Our VMware integration includes:

  • Templated ESXi installation and configuration
  • Full system validation and firmware updates
  • Specialized post-boot agent for networking, security and advanced configuration
  • VCF (VMware Cloud Foundation) handoff based on integrated discovery.