Infrastructure Pipelines fit into existing technology stacks and provide the missing automation interconnectivity operations between infrastructure layers. With Digital Rebar, existing processes and automation can be seamlessly connected using proven Infrastructure as Code techniques. This allows operators to create system level processes that collect and manage systems regardless of their layer in the system hierarchy.

API-driven Workflow

Digital Rebar is a modular API-driven system. Starting from an extensive catalog, operators build automation scripts, or workflows, to perform tasks locally on the Linux, Windows, or ESXi system. These workflows are executed externally out-of-band (e.g. IPMI, DRAC, iLO or Redfish) and via API calls to other control systems.

Infrastructure Pipelines Complement CI/CD Pipelines

Infrastructure Pipelines are composed of modular and reusable components.

Focus on business goals

Align platform and DevOps initiatives using Infrastructure Pipelines.

Automate compliance

Keep platforms aligned to site-specific requirements using reusable workflows.

Squash tool sprawl

Enable collaboration with automation tools, scripts, and lessons learned.

“By bringing the concept of infrastructure pipelines to life as a product, RackN has transcended siloed IT automation platforms and created a new, desperately needed layer of automation.“

Mark Thiele, founder and CEO, Edgevana