Enteprise Technology Showcase

RackN regularly showcases our enteprise solution at Cloud Field Day events using the personal of technology leaders at a fictional bank, BankN.  These include highlighting Platform Engineering (CFD17), Ansible and Terraform Orchestration (CFD15), and Multi-Site Infrastructure management (CFD13).

Platform Engineering [Cloud Field Day 17]

“Framing the demos from this perspective sparked a lot interest from the delegates and helped paint a clear picture for what RackN is hoping to accomplish with Digital Rebar.” (full post)


Cloud Field Day 13 Delegate

BankN.cloud Source Code

Review the Digital Rebar IaC content used for the BankN demo at https://gitlab.com/rackn/BankN!

The following progressive demos related to BankN.cloud were presenting during CFD15 and CFD13You can also review the BankN IaC content used for the demo here!