Do you find the platform engineering hype overly developer focused?  We do too! In fact, we believe that platform engineering is  not just for devs!

Platform engineering requires thoughtful operational work

Great platform engineering delivery focuses on productizing the operational work that provides seamless self-service experience and developer autonomy.  Fundamentally, that’s what great infrastructure operations practices are about.

As a seasoned infrastructure professional or executive, you may find Platform Engineering conversations overly focused on client tools such as internal development portals (IDP) or CI/CD systems.  You understand intuitively that portal tools that speed up software development require transformative thinking about how infrastructure automation can be leveraged in the enterprise.

Dig in to the operational practices for platform engineering

We’ve assembled a deep list of ops-focused 3rd party research, demos, posts and discussions for people who support Platform Engineering from the infrastructure and operations side.  These resources are part of deep conversations we are having with Digital Rebar users and the larger industry about the ongoing evolving automation platforms, DevOps process and SREs practices.

External Research Reports and Commentary

Read what expert outsiders are saying about operations and platform engineering.

Videos from RackN engineers: RackN Platform Engineering channel

Opinion Podcasts and Blogs from RackN’s CEO

Platform Engineering discussions on the Cloud2030 podcast

RackN hosts this weekly conversation about the future of cloud. As you can see, platform engineering is a popular topic.

Ops – are you ready to step into platform engineering? 

At RackN, we know from experience that the most effective platform engineering teams are built on world class operations. Our operations-first approach to building a world class infrastructure automation processes ensures that you will have both developer autonomy and consistent, reliable, shared infrastructure.  

You see, you don’t have to do it alone. RackN is here to help and ready to talk with you about how to get started.


March 7, 2023