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What is Digital Rebar?

Digital Rebar (aka DRP) is a self-managed hardware-neutral data center automation platform for provisioning and managing infrastructure as code (IaC).  It was designed with a cloud-native architecture focus and integrates deeply with API driven configuration tools like Ansible and Terraform.  It fully replaces bare metal provisioners like Cobbler, Foreman or MaaS.

Curious? Learn more about key features of the platform.

Digital Rebar is a production-proven automation platform in large-scale, multi-site data centers down to minimal edge sites (see This effectively standardizes best practices in a way that allows creation of consistent and discoverable operating environments. Users benefit with fast time-to-value and the community benefits by having consistent installations across the ecosystem.

Why an Open Ecosystem?

Digital Rebar is a proprietary, licensed software product; however, we build many parts of Digital Rebar under APLv2 using an open ecosystem approach.

These components are collected and curated by RackN as part of our extensive integration catalog.   Maintaining Digital Rebar integrations in the open allows our customers, partners and community members to review system activities and collaborate with us to build better data center automation.

How can I get started?

As an operator maintained software product, Digital Rebar is designed for self-service so we encourage self-trials.  Follow the quick start on

No registration is required to get started with up to 10 machines.  Once you have the basics, an email registration enables our full catalog for personal and trial use up to 20 machines.

Where can I find resources?

Demo VideosBrowse dozens of in depth demonstrations DocumentationLearn more about the API and product (update the docs!)
Slack Community – Talk with other operators RackN UX Portal (experimental version) – Connects to local Digital Rebar Endpoint
Source Code – Github repos for API, CLI & Docs, Content Packs, Plugins, RackN open additions, and Project root Issues TrackingVisit our issue tracker

How does it work?

Digital Rebar operates as a stand-alone service running in your data center.  That service coordinates provisioning and integration activities using a variety of protocols and system integrations.  It also installs a multi-platform agent to perform system local operations.  That agent can be removed after initial provisioning operations have been completed.

The following animation shows the primary operation of Digital Rebar provisioning.



Animation of RackN Digital Rebar Provisioning Workflow
Narrated animation explaining RackN Digital Rebar Provisioning Workflow