Imagine collaboratively creating reusable, site-specific workflows between operations, security, and development teams. It’s possible with Digital Rebar!

Digital Rebar connects isolated tools and processes, even incorporating existing DevOps tooling such as Terraform and Ansible with contexts. Digital Rebar automates the full life-cycle of systems from the first boot (even bare metal) through cluster building.

Our customer transformed months long on-boarding into a completely automated workflow that builds ready-to-clusters in minutes. To ensure governance and reduce operational risk, RackN validates shipment manifests dynamically and alerts operators about drift automatically.

Retail Infrastructure Operations
Fortune 5 Bank

Connect existing tools

Build abstractions that are resilient across all platforms.

  • Proven to 10K+ scale
  • Production-hardened library
  • Distributed management

Leverage any automation

Control automation with highly reusable components.

  • Modular IaC design
  • Built on code management principles
  • Operational autonomy via self-management

Create a single source of truth

Integrate favorite tools into any automation process.

  • Standardized extension points
  • Enable autonomic systems with RESTful APIs
  • Contexts incorporate DevOps tooling

Digital Rebar Platform Architecture

Digital Rebar’s extensible architecture pulls reusable modules from the IaC catalog. This allows you to plug in API-integrations & user-extendable workflows that orchestrate multi-vendor infrastructure, giving you cloud-like flexibility.

The Digital Rebar Platform creates a single control API for your bare metal, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.

Unique Features of Digital Rebar

Infrastructure Pipelines

Bundle infrastructure automation into immutable, versioned modules. Combine IaC with declarative REST APIs and direct infrastructure pipelines with the same confidence that you manage CI/CD pipelines for software.

Unified multi-cloud automation

Resource Management Abstractions create a unified control process for any infrastructure. Digital Rebar clusters and resources brokers manage the life-cycle of your infrastructure, regardless of the underlying provider.

End-to-end workflow

Connect modular automation sequences between different tools, APIs, and platforms creating seamless end-to-end pipelines. Focus workflows on integration and reuse, connecting stand-alone tools and silos.

Multi-site Distributed Control

Create global and regional views spanning 1,000s of sites without compromising autonomy. Bring balance to IaC-locked and replicated local control with Digital Rebar’s unique federated control plane.

Day 0 infrastructure

Securely validate and configure infrastructure with zero-touch discovery, immutable configuration packages, and self-contained bootstrapping. Ensure new systems are quickly on-boarded, verified and put into service with discovery workflows.

Day N infrastructure

Take automation from build to run by combining IaC workflows and work orders. Smoothly transition between provisioning and configuration into service and operate modes with a single platform that automates the entire system’s life cycle.

Learn about the new features brought to Digital Rebar with the newest release, v4.10.